record-consult gmbh

record-consult migrates different
on-prem IT solutions into the
OCI and relieves Antoniewicz GmbH
with a cloud-based IT package

Case-Study Antoniewicz GmbH

Whenever Culinary art, creativity and inspiration joins together as a congenial unit of extraordinary taste experiences, most certainly Heiko Antoniewicz was involved.

However, the top chef from Werne (Germany) has far more in mind than just his unique culinary creations: In addition to being an explorer in cooking he as well lives a passionate mission: Making his cooking-knowledge accessible for everyone.

For the migration of his company´s current On-Prem-IT-solution into the Cloud, Antoniewicz as CEO of the Antoniewicz GmbH turned to record-consult GmbH. The Oracle Cloud Partner, located in Cologne, took care of the request in providing a full customer service. The chef Antoniewicz meanwhile can concentrate on what he likes to do most: Unfolding the ideas in his head, heart, and belly into astonishing food concepts, plus cooking. And of course: how else could it be, cooking.

Flexible and modern solutions based on the Oracle Cloud

The Assignment given to record-consult GmbH by Heiko Antoniewicz wasn’t an unusual one for the cologne IT-specialist. Within the high-endgastronomy the prestigious chef is a top-class product developer. His previous IT-solution was based on a – company size fitting – On-Prem-infrastructure concept with corresponding availabilities and administration needs. Thanks to the successful growth of the company, as well as the innovative business models of, its IT Solution was ready to be transformed into a scalable business solution.

By the help of the Oracle Cloud, the record-consult created a flexible, modern solution which perfectly meets the requirements of the chef. The Microsoft Technologies in the architecture have been modernized and migrated to the cloud using “Infrastructure as a Service” from Oracle.

To make his proprietary ERP-software work, a virtual desktop environment, based on terminal server technology, has been set up. “Now all users can access the ERP-solution through a centrally managed, virtualized client.” Said Michael Linus Wessels, CEO of record-consult. “Thereby no employee needs to worry about the availability, updates or backups.”

Availability and security on the highest level

By the migration process, record-consult established the different Microsoft Windows-technologies, which used to be “on-prem” (locally at the company), as an IaaS-Service inside the Oracle Cloud. While doing so, not only the operating systems where updated, but also various services – including Active Directory services – have been upgraded to the latest releases. In addition, the availability of the system as well as the security of all integrated services were brought to a whole new level. “Reengineering our IT was one of the best decisions for our company”, said the top chef Heiko Antoniewicz. “Now our IT-system fits exactly to our culinary level: upper prime sector”. On a sidenote: The complete migration was performed in only one single weekend and luckily has entailed just a minimal downtime due to the system migration of the ERP-data.

The newly created structures are supervised 24/7, around the clock by record-consult. Imminent disturbances are being preventively took care of. By using Oracle Cloud, tasks such as scaling, importing security patches or creating backups can be done with ease. The users won’t even notice it: as a part of the managed service package, record-consult takes Antoniewicz told with joy:

“The record-consult team tailor made the perfect concept for our needs whilst paying attention to our skills. We are great chefs, but we didn’t do our homework in terms of IT. Thank you so much!”.

Managed Services as a care-free package

The record-consults portfolio is the ideal tie between Oracles offers and the users. By Managed Services the customer can rely on all current legal regulations being complied with as well as a trusted IT-solution with maximum availability – and all this for a fixed monthly price.

A service, the record-consult offers as a carefree all-around package. Due to many international clients, the employees are working, around the clock, in a three-shift operation. “The multifaced sectors we are working with, include in addition to energy providers, financing sector and stakeholders in the health care system also many industry customers.” Says Mr. Wessels. “Meanwhile we also increased our work in the branches gastronomy, hospitality and similar industries where nine-to-five hours don’t matter. That’s why our service level includes 24h operations linked with various cloud offers, as in this case Oracle Cloud.

record-consult GmbH – more than 20 years Oracle expertise.

record-consult, developed over the years, with its professional system integrator background, towards service. Especially in an environment of cloud  offerings with increasing complexity, consulting, and service as a linkage between customer and infrastructure provider play a huge role: The client expects IT-solutions as a service combined with an “all-around care-free package.”

Starting with the consulting and transparent price calculations, up to the finished solution with an
appropriate managed service is exactly what the record-consult offers done by their experts including
all necessary deliverables.

Focused on Oracle technologies, the record-consult is also looking beyond the horizon, being able to also deliver the trends of Multi Cloud, hybrid-cloud and comprehensive service to heterogeneous Itenvironments: No maLer where the systems are located, record-consult takes care.

All-around the clock, Industry-independent small and large companies are being served everywhere in the world. Professional procedures and corresponding certificates allow working in the field of KRITIS (critical infrastructure) systems or complying special demands: Benefit from our competence and experience gained by many successful projects!